Website Fun!

She said SHUT UP!!  And I laughed!   Yes, that would be the conversation Dina and I had during a discussion over the website.   I was being a smarty pants and retold her what to do.  She replied “shut up, I am.”   I read the message and busted out laughing.  WHY?  Because Dina doesn’t say shut up to anyone and because a second message followed:  “It wasn’t supposed to say that, I don’t know where it came from.”  I replied back “Satan”

We had been working on the website for three days.  THREE LONG DAYS!   I will back up to Saturday morning, when we started.  I get to Dina’s house, and we are going to start working, I just need to log in to WIFI and get to the website editor page.  No BIG deal.   Except Dina has FOUR connections and NONE of them will let me on.   Not a single one.  We laugh because we know what it means.  We try one more time and connect.

The website is a drag and drop type creator, you know, the kind for dummies.  Good because we do not know what we are doing.  We start the process.   The long process of staring at a screen.  We need pictures for the website and we don’t want copywrite infringement issues.   Amy does this all the time, so we call her.  She sends us to a website.  YAY!  When get to it, it wants a lot of money.   UMMM….We are POOR!   We call her back and keep digging.  Finally, we realize there are other pricing options that are not that expensive.  It was a close call.

Keep in my mind, we have children here while we are working on this website.  Dina thinks hers were acting up.  I think they were fine and anything they did wrong, I am sure my child put them up to it.  In and out, all day, we kept seeing kids.  Kids, who wanted to be fed.  I mean really, we are working on a website and they wanted us to be adults and feed them.   Fine!  Dina fixed lunch for them.  Pizza Rolls.  It is important for you to know that I LOVE PIZZA ROLLS and I can’t eat them.  I immediately whined about it.  Vinnie tells us the package man brought a package.  COFFEE.   Dina loves coffee and she can’t have any right now.  She whines.   She informs me we are eating salad for lunch, except the lettuce is bad.   HA! Only for us, we order in salads.  Who sets up a work day and orders in salad?  Apparently, we do!

Of course, we get off track and start planning 2015.   There is a lot of ADHD going on during this website.  I am jumping all over the place and she is jumping somewhere different.   At one point, I declared we may not have it done by January.  Dirty looks abound!  Are you kidding me?  Have you seen how much we have accomplished?  Plus we have the penguin on the page under construction?

We have a section for Wellness.  It will include articles and devotionals.  How about we ask some of the ladies to be contributors?   We send a message:  We are looking for contributors for the website, you write something about fitness, nutrition or spiritual.    Everyone of them answered back with the same answer: Sure what do you want me to do.   Really???  WRITE!! That is what I want you to do, WRITE!!   All are willing to write, but I am still waiting on something to hit my inbox.  Waiting is not my strong suit.

Move along to the Bio Section. It has my name on there. It says FOUNDER!  You know that means it must be the perfect BIO.  I am brain-dead!  I got nothing.  There is nothing I can say that qualifies me to write a bio.  NOTHING.

We have a store and no clue how to add anything to it. J  Then it happens, Dina hits PUBLISH.  She published our website.  OOPS!!  Guess what?  We have stuff in the store.  Stuff we are really selling and it just magically appeared.   Only could have been a God thing because I sure didn’t know how to put it there.

Sunday, I can’t get anywhere on this bio and it is starting to stress me out.   Monday,  I don’t really like the blog feature and I am trying to figure out HOW to get the one I want on there.   I email some people I know with questions.  Good News, they are willing to answer them and help me.   Bad News, it still didn’t solve my problem.   I added this script in to add WordPress, and well, let’s just say it didn’t do anything.  I deleted it.  I am trying to explain to Dina the issue and my workaround on the website.   She is not getting what I am saying.   So I repeat myself in a smart alleck tone, and she tells me to SHUT UP!    I am telling you, Satan was trying to come between us.  I was frustrated with the webpage, and she was busy making product for our craft show this weekend.  All I could do was laugh at her.   I know that without a shadow of doubt that she would never talk to me that way and her phone is obviously reading her mind.

I ask my boss to help me write a bio.  She tells me to me to google it.  Google is your friend, she said.  No, google keeps giving me bad news and I don’t like google right now.   I finally get a bio written.  It is being modified.  Dina can’t write hers until after the show.  NO, you have to have a bio.  I write one for her.  LOL  I mean, I can talk all day about her, just not me.   I am sure they will be refined and changed, but having a starting point is a good thing.

Since, she is coming over for a meeting a couple of hours later, I call the web people because my research says I have to rebuild the whole website if I want a better blog feature.   OMG  Are you freaking kidding me?  It has to be live by Thursday.  We moved up our deadline.  Why you ask?  Because we bought business cards and ONLY printed the website.   Yeah, we can’t give them out this weekend without a website.

When she gets to the house, I show her what he says to do.  Guess what, we need a login/password and we can’t find it anywhere.  Best, we can tell, it went to Jason’s email.  UH OH.  He is so busy that he doesn’t have a clue about any of our issues or antics.  He should be asking Dina about it soon.  😛

After many painful, FUN hours, we give you our website!
Please enjoy it!  Share it!  If you want to be a contributor, let us know!